Saturday Nov 28th --- Funday

Nov 28 - Funday Saturday! Gates open 11am. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 kids, $30 pits. Enduro and other race payouts: Run Whatcha Brung - $400 to win, $200, $100, $50, 50 (30 laps) Bomber/Entry/Stock Enduro 100 laps plus a Mini Stock Enduro - 100 laps each Winner $1.000*, 2nd $300, 3rd $200, 4th $100, 5th $100, 6th-10th $50. *if 49 cars or less in each race, it will pay $600 to win. Scrapper Enduro – 40 laps (if 41+ cars, we will have 2 races, each paying the same) $500 win, $150, $100, $75, $50. Run Whatcha Brung - $400 to win, $150, $100, $75, $50 Powder Puff - $150 to win, $75, $50, $40, $30 (10 laps) Chain races - $200 to win. If 4 or more teams we will pay 2nd $100, 3rd to 5th $50. (10 laps) Passengers are allowed but must have every safety measure for drivers must be done for passenger. Gates open 11am, draw closes at 1:15. Run Whatcha Brung goes first at 1:30pm. The 3 enduros will go caution free. Red flag for safety only (track blocked, fire, rollovers…etc.). Bomber and Mini Stock teams may set up pit stop in infield. Race order: Run Whatcha Brung Bomber/Stock enduro Mini Stock enduro Powder Puff Scrapper enduro There are a lot of laps for the event so in the best effort to get the event done in a timely matter, a time limit may be imposed in any or all events. Ever effort will be taken to complete all laps. Join us as we finish our 50th Anniversary season! The first event of 2021 will be an enduro on Saturday, January 2nd. Event details will be released soon. Thanks to our sponsors for making this event happen! Join us at Windy Hollow Restaurant for a great pre-race breakfast from 7am until 1:30pm.

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