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Updated info for Aug 1st

It’s Legends of Windy Hollow this Sunday! August 1! This year’s class of Legends will be announced on the radio show Wednesday on 1027 The GAME at 5pm.

Also BONUS night:

Street Stock $1000 to win

$500 win - Cruisers

$500 win - Bombers

$500 win - Mini Stock

$500 win - Rusty Bolt (5 or less is regular pay)

Scrappers $200 to win (18 cars+ will be 2 features at $150 to win each. 5 or less cars total will be regular pay)

It’s going to be a great night as we celebrate our newest Legends of Windy Hollow.

Inductions will follow the driver’s meeting, about 6:15PM.

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