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2022 News

Windy Hollow, KY – As the 2021 dirt track season has cruised by the halfway point, track owner, Evelyn “Rooster” Miller, has announced that she will not return to operate the speedway in 2022.

In March 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Miller started remodeling the 50-year-old speedway. The 2020 season started in August due to closure of fan-based events but as Kentucky started allowing fans to attend automobile racing, Miller and crew got the facility open not knowing if it would be for one week or more. With no further Covid shutdowns, racers and fans were able to see a 12-week 50th anniversary season. Because of the uncertainty at the time, Miller decided to stay through the 2020 and 2021 seasons with the promise of trying to lease it early enough so that racers could make plans and know what was happening.

Miller has announced that a lease for the speedway portion of the facility has been signed. JKV Core and Auto Recycling owners, Josh and Kirstie Vanover will lease the speedway. The 5-year deal will begin November 1, 2021. The Vanover’s have big plans for the 2022 season. Their rules and other season information should be available by December 2021.

“Josh and Kirstie were one of the first to volunteer their time and efforts last year to help get the track open. Josh also helped with track prep and worked to build the Scrapper class. They both worked every event in some way last year. This year, it has been the same. Kirstie is a score keeper and Josh, along with brothers Paul and Brain Layman, have successfully tackled the tough job of weekly track preparation,” said Miller.

Miller said, “We are excited to lease the track to Josh and Kirstie. Josh has a passion for racing and a love for Windy Hollow Speedway. He knows how special the track is to so many. He has worked hard and learned a lot this season. I know they are ready to do good things for the racers and fans.”

There will be no change for the remaining 2021 races, including the 2-day Monster Truck event on October 8th and 9th. The season will conclude on October 17th.

Miller said she will continue to focus on her other businesses: Windy Hollow Restaurant and Windy Hollow Dragway.

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